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Our Mission

To give dependable solutions while maintaining an unwavering dedication to commitment and completing assigned work to an uncompromising quality standard.

Our Vision

To build an end-to-end technology-led ecosystem through customer-centric solutions to stimulate sustainable agriculture.


We provide reliable solutions while maintaining a relentless focus on commitment and delivering the required assignment with uncompromising standard of quality.

About Our Company

Inflexionpoint Technologies (BD) Ltd. offers 360° technology-powered innovative and feasible solutions to Insurers, SMEs, Financial Institutions and individuals to mitigate risks that impact the agriculture value chain and the socio-economical balance of the allied community.

Through our comprehensive and robust digitalized solutions, we work as a bridge to transform the accumulated effort towards increasing access to finance, technology & information and ensuring financial security to promote sustainable and resilient agriculture. We built a cloud-based insurtech platform that connects intermediaries and insurers in a digital ecosystem. It provides technology to help the insurance sector arrange its network, allowing insurance brokers to close deals faster and insurers to distribute their products more efficiently.

What We Offer

Our Solutions

Catered solutions comprise a wide range of agricultural risk mitigation products development and infrastructure building support. Our expertise in building tech-based end-to-end comprehensive solutions makes us different from others. We are working on expanding our market in poultry and fisheries sector as well.

  • InsureCow
  • InsureCrop
  • Digitalized microservices
  • Capacity Building & Consultancy
  • Baseline Surveys & Proposal Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Development, PR services
Our Team

Meet The Board Members

Nurunnassa Choudhury

Chief Executive Officer

Nurunnassa Choudhury

Chief Executive Officer

Ali Tareque Parvez

Director & Chief Product Officer

Ali Tareque Parvez

Director & Chief Product Officer

Newly Launched Projects

Insurance Management Platform

A cattle wellbeing monitoring and insurance platform that is playing a significant role in protecting and ensuring the asset value of large cattle for livestock farmers.

Smart Agriculture monitoring

Our AI-based Agriculture system uses wireless sensors for real-time insights on crops, water, and temperature. AI recommendations and Deep Learning enhance crop management, yield forecasting, and soil monitoring. This aids informed decisions, boosts yield, cuts costs, and improves disease control for farmers.

IndustriBot: Your AI-Powered Industry Chatbot

The AI-driven Chatbot transforms industries with tailored assistance. From retail to healthcare, it engages users, streamlines processes, and offers personalized support, enhancing efficiency and user experience across sectors.

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